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After introducing some of the main characters of The Sorcerer’s Children graphic novels, I thought it would be appropriate to take a brief exploration of the enchanted land where all our erstwhile companions’ adventures take place…

The massive island known as the Twin Kingdoms is a fertile land that is split rather neatly in half into two territories. Each half was named after giant, twin sorcerers whose rivalry was said to have caused the division. Long a country of magic and myth, the land is peppered with sites of magic and peril. Throughout, the magical races of Fae add benefit or threat to ordinary people. It took powerful or wise people to find their way around the lands without being diverted or overcome by supernatural forces.

The two giant brothers who lent their names to the land were Gwylas the Fair and Ealwyn the Dark. Though twins, the pair were locked into a perpetual rivalry that prompted them to continually strive for greater and greater power, always looking for an opportunity to best their brother. This forceful game of oneupmanship was most directly centred around a beautiful River Fae named Boan. The great river of  that neatly separates the continent takes its name directly from the enchanting water fairy who initially enjoyed the boisterous attention she generated. Competition for the maid’s exclusive affection caused perpetual conflict that created mountains and valleys and threatened to destroy the humble homes of the mortals trying to eke out a living.

However, even Boan became so fatigued of the constant battle that she fled from the brothers and set in motion the series of events that would lead to the demise of them all. It is due to this foundational history that the adage: “There is no conflict like that between brothers” became popular. As humanity gained ascendancy after the fall of the giants, the term “Twin Kingdoms” and the appellations of “Gwylas” and “Ealwyn” remained intact even after the island was divided into different provinces.

It took the immortal king, Aleric a hundred years to bring the disparate provinces under his singular rule. At the present time each province is administered by a duke or duchess who enjoys incredible autonomy in exchange for their fealty to the crown.

Next blog, I’ll introduce the members of the royal house and how their stories influence and tie into the quest for the Tears of Aywyl and Graidon’s schemes for power. In the meantime, join the adventurers as they struggle to preserve all that they love by immersing yourself in their story with our graphic novel trilogy: The Sorcerer’s Children. Or you can join forces with either side in the  central conflict of our story when you purchase some of our exceptionally cool merchandise like t-shirts, stickers, mugs and more! Join the adventure!