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It has seemed over the last few years, in between getting more involved in digital art and more involved in prose writing, as opposed to graphic novels, that I hadn’t been using traditional art techniques. I had even been doing rough sketches by computer.  Recently, I re-discovered my watercolours and started on some animal portraits. Below are the samples of my latest foray into an old medium…

I’ve had the inclination to do some animal portraits for awhile and will be doing some more. Sometimes, it’s helpful as an artist to reacquaint yourself with some of the subjects or techniques you once left behind. Not as a way of going backwards on your creative journey but more as a reminder of why you became an artist in the first place. What it may reveal can be surprisingly refreshing.

As an added bonus, the modern artist also gets to use their work in a myriad of ways. Print-On-Demand (POD) companies have truly taken off these days and present a unique opportunity for individuals to support independent artists while purchasing some exceptionally cool stuff. I’m really digging’ the Tiger mask – Take that Cover-19! In addition to art related to our graphic novels, you’ll also find some cool animal portraits on a variety of merchandise. Just check out our store for whatever stirs the Tiger Spirit in you!