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Well, as 2020 has stumbled along, it seems that there has been one threatening or at least, head-scratching event after another. Just when you think the year can’t get any weirder…it does.

After hearing about “Covid Parties” I was left wondering about the guests that the virus itself might want to invite to its little celebration.

A global pandemic, an economic shutdown, record levels of anxiety but hey, surely these guys would liven up any party!

Also known as the Giant Asian Hornet, these insects are more a threat to our honey bees than to humans. That being said, they are capable of stinging you multiple times which does carry a significant health risk. At least, unlike what happens to honey bees, they’re not killing you and feeding your remains to their young.

Are you a drug dealer left with too much product because your customers are in lockdown at home? Just flush your meth down the toilet…what could possibly go wrong? Apparently, some pretty high and hyper-aggressive alligators.

A de-bunked story that arose from the concerns of some law enforcement officials in Tennessee when they encountered a drug dealer doing the above. Worries about the potential contaminants reaching the swamp waters and their effect on wildlife led to some far-reaching and scientifically impossible speculations. However, it’s such a cool story that I couldn’t let it go.

And because 2020 and the coronavirus doesn’t want to forget the newest kid on the “What else do ya got?” block, we mustn’t forget to invite, enraged feral animals from the weasel family. Gotta love them Volcano Otters. Is there someone/thing else that you think should be on Covid-19’s guest list? Let me know.

The Volcano Otters were inspired from a meme that mentioned Lassen Volcano National Park in California being closed after an angry otter bit a swimmer who got too close to her kits. Apparently, the animals had gotten used to a people-free zone when the park was closed at the beginning of the public lockdown.