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Got any good ghost stories? Have you witnessed a mysterious shady form glide across a darkened hallway? Heard that chilling bump in the night? If so, you’ve come to the right place. If not, get ready for an encounter with the unexplained!….Okay, a tad dramatic but I looked to a classic gothic trope for the inspiration for my latest Halloween illustration. In an abandoned cemetery the strange “Lady in White” can be seen walking amongst the gravestones. What is her story? One of tragedy and murder? Perhaps you’d like to visit that lonely place and uncover the answer.




Just a little closer look at the illustration.


If you didn’t have a ghost story before, I hope you do now. Feel free to share any stories you have; the creepier the better. If you wish to carry this gothic haunting with you, check out the spine-tingling stickers, t-shirts, pillows, journals, face masks and much, much more in our Redbubble store. Until then, are you sure you want to look behind you when you feel that sudden chill?