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As Autumn arrives and the leaves pile up, a delicate magic begins to fill the chill air. If you have the inclination and the courage, perhaps you’ll visit the old Victorian graveyard – at midnight of course. If you find a circle of mummified mushrooms you can be certain that the Skeleton Fairy is near. If you can capture her, she will grant you a Halloween Wish. However, if you fail in your endeavour, you will face her wrath. Are you willing to take the chance?


A closer look at my Skeleton Fairy.


Well, if you’ve had the luck to get the Skeleton Fairy to grant you a wish, you should know you can carry her magic with you with any of the super-cool products she graces in our Redbubble store. Whether a t-shirt, mug, stickers, magnets, journals and much, much more, the Skeleton Fairy is prepared to bestow her special Halloween enchantment.

Note: Did you notice what changed between the original sketch and the final painting? Let me know.