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I am frequently inspired in my life by animals. Not surprising as many artists get ideas from nature. In the modern world most people are first exposed to nature through their pets. Presently, for me, that’s my pug Hugo. At almost 12 years old, Hugo has really been slowing down lately, to the point I bought him a cool dog stroller so we can once more enjoy the nearby park. Due to the fact he’s so central in my life, pugs have often featured in many of my designs. Whether fairy pugs or bewitching pugs, pugs are a type of dog that is highly recognizable and attract a lot of attention.

Hugo makes a great subject. Especially when he in such as happy mood. I can’t quite recall but there was probably a treat involved with that picture.


Hijinks ensue when pugs are your inspiration. They’re up for fun regardless of the season. Do you have a pet that fills your head with ideas?


Hugo hasn’t been the only pet to give me ideas. My dog Sam, a Newfoundland and Border Collie cross, was the model for Rocket the Astrodog! You’ll find his adventures in our graphic novels, “The Adventures of Astrodog!” Whether it’s pugs or Astrodog, you can also take home enchanting images of them on loads of our exceptionally cool merchandise. T-shirts, stickers, journals, phone cases and more! The great thing for me with all of these products is that the pets I love get to live on forever.