For a while I have been struggling with this blog. With a lot of recent personal upheaval, I let things slide and even for a time, essentially lost my voice -figuratively speaking. Getting back to it, I decided to kick start things for me by changing up the blog’s logo, which is perhaps is something I should do on a more frequent basis.


In any event, the inspiration for the new look/logo, came from a brief doodle comic I drew some time ago. It demonstrated my struggle with the modern demands on artists and writers to engaged in social media.


Of course, the effects of stress from the global pandemic play a large part in this “Why bother?” distraction that has tripped up many people around the world. Perhaps you’ve felt it yourself. So, over the next while I’ll be planning and re-organizing things and claiming a direction for my part. That includes finishing the self-edit on my first prose novel and getting started on the editing the second and completing the outlining for a third – I already revealed a hint about that project in a previous blog. And of course, creating more illustrations for our Redbubble shop.


With all the incredible challenges facing independent artists and small businesses, I want to encourage everyone to look beyond the standard corporations for gifts and the like. Whether you find your “thing” in our store or someone else’s, I urge you to open yourself up to more unusual fare and consider supporting independent creators. So, despite all the distractions out there remember that we’re in this together and together is how we’re going to get through it.