When you’re an independent creator, one of the things that can distract you the most is an abundance of ideas bouncing around in your brain. A case in point for SillWill Studios, years ago, was the idea for an animated version of our graphic novels  “The Sorcerer’s Children“. We even investigated and tried a pitch to a couple of studios. Alas, all to no avail. Lately doing some file cleaning, I came across these animation-style renderings of some of the characters from the series and was reminded of “what might have been”. What do you think? Could  The Sorcerer’s Children have made a cool animated film?

Here, we have cartoon Devin and Brenna. As Devin is somewhat of a hot-head with a “Bring it, Villain!” attitude, so I gave him a confident if a little arrogant stance. Brenna, on the other hand can be rather shy but she’s not a coward so I displayed her in an action pose that showed the other side of her character. As these designs were proposed for animation, I tried to streamline the renderings as well.


Brenna’s sister Morwyn can be passionate and opinionated but always ready to stand up for what is right. Kedric, like a sort of friendly Viking, is loyal and absolutely fierce in battle. Both these characters are friends you’d want to have in the fantastical world of the Twin Kingdoms.


Opposing forces, Jack O’ The Green and Graidon the Red Lord, play pivotal roles in the story and the lives of the other characters. Graidon’s costume was the most detailed and required the most simplification. However, these days animation has progressed to allow for an even greater range for costume design.


In the first book of the trilogy, the villainess Rowahn appeared alongside a Goblin warrior pursuing the young companions for Graidon’s evil ends. I think I managed to capture some of that scheming nature.

Last but not least, there are the Shadowwolves, the marauding monsters of Graidon’s army. Cursed and twisted and always on the lookout for prey to ravage, they’re ready to spring into action at their master’s command.

So, a little look at what an animated Sorcerer’s Children may have looked like. Nowadays there are plenty of fantastical animated shows to view but it makes one wonder about whether old dreams might still have a life to them. However, the complete fantasy-adventure graphic novel trilogy of “The Sorcerer’s Children”, is available here and now. Check them out through our store page. A world of magic and adventure awaits!