I recently realized that it’s been a long time since I produced a full-on Doodle Blog – one of my silly sketched out stories with no goal other than joking around with you. Some characters, like the Blerbs and the Golden Butter Bun, did make it beyond the doodle blog and onto products  in our shop. This time around I may need some feedback to see if any of these characters need to live on. Let me know what you think.


I should point out there is no “www.redwolfrising.com” website. At least as far as I know. Also, I tried to come up with a slogan for Red Wolf Securities. “Red Wolf Securities: Counter-Curses, Bad Fairy-Banishing, Chosen One Verification and more! We’ve got your back!” or “Red Wolf Securities: “Better than an enchanted sword or magic fairy dust! We’ll keep you safe when Trolls storm to your castle.” Yeah, needs a little work. Perhaps they’ll hire a real PR Firm in another: “Where Are They Now? – Fairytale Edition“.


Well, Red and B.B.W. are yet to be found elsewhere but you can find other fun characters on the coolest merchandise in our shop. Fend off evil curses and create some enchantment of your own with characters like the alien Blerbs, the Golden Butter Bun or the mischievous Fairy Pugs! They’re looking to share fairytale magic and fun with you!