So, the last month a lot of “stuff” hit the metaphorical fan and I was preoccupied in a way I hadn’t planned for. I chose my character of Ralph Elfalfa to demonstrate my mental/emotional state over the last while. Does any of it look familiar to you?

Working from Home….otherwise known as where I keep all my snacks.

Sleep? Do you do that during the day or night? I’m not entirely sure anymore.

Priorities?! What’s a “Priority”?

The reason I have more than one face mask.


Perhaps you would add a few more stressors to Ralph’s list. Especially if you have kids and pets in the mix. I think we’re all ready to wave goodbye to 2020. With a vaccine on the horizon, here’s hoping for a much better 2021 where we all get to see each other again. Now, I think I’ll go sing along with Eartha Kitt’s “Santa Baby”.