After the tumultuous week in our neighbour to the south, I thought at first I might address it here. Then, I realized that much smarter people than I were already discussing the issues and perhaps turning my attention to more positive thoughts would be a more peaceful distraction. So, for 2021, I decided to create some romantic images for Valentine’s Day using characters from my fantasy-adventure graphic novel trilogy, “The Sorcerer’s Children“.


Going through a old sketch book, I uncovered this drawing I did years ago of Devin and Brenna, the two main love interests in the story. They don’t appear like this in the actual graphic novels as I was imagining what they might look like years after the original story wrapped up. Here, they are each confident in their power and in themselves.

I chose a lighting source that implies a warm, fiery light for the figures and since this is for Valentine’s Day I added the celtic heart in coordinating colours. The goal was to promote a feeling of a calm, committed love.


Next week, I’ll reveal the other power couple of the series, Kedric and Morwyn. Though to be accurate, they’re not quite the couple that one of them wishes they were, so that image is more of a daydream. At least for now.


You can catch the entire tale by buying our graphic novels of The Sorcerer’s Children  through our Store on the home page or click here. Not to mention this and more images will be available on a variety of cool and of course, romantic merchandise, like Valentine’s Day cards, in our Redbubble Shop.