Last week I revealed a new illustration for Valentine’s inspired by the main romantic couple from our graphic novel trilogy, The Sorcerer’s Children. Afterwards, I realized that I just couldn’t leave out the other not-quite-a-couple, Kedric and Morwyn. In the story, these two shared a connection that ran a little deeper on one side than the other. I’ll let you guess for whom.


As before I started with a black and white sketch of the characters only instead of standard graphite pencils, I used water soluble ones to produce more of a watercolour effect. The original graphic novels are in black and white and I admit that I still favour that approach when I draw them.


After scanning in the sketch, I proceeded to digitally paint over it. Due to the personalities of the Kedric and Morwyn I decided to go with brighter, sunnier colours. Generally, these characters are more open and expressive with their emotions and I wanted the lighting to convey that.


As I hinted before, there is an unrequited love existing at this time for these two characters. I’ll let you guess who might be the one with the strongest affection and whether they ever find themselves as the couple portrayed in this Valentine’s Day image. Do you think this lovely daydream needs to come true?


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