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I gotta say, learning new things can be frustrating – enlightening but frustrating. Of course, it’s something we’re called to do every day in one way or another. If you have a way to deal with the daily grind I applaud you. For myself I still struggle with finding my centre at times. Whether it’s the pressure of time or the needs of others or the pretty, sparkly distraction of other interests, we often  find ourselves in an emotional tug-of-war. As a fairly basic defence, I suppose we can all say (or whisper through gritted teeth) “At least it’s not the Zombie Apocalypse!” Then again, if you’re like me that brings certain questions to mind.


I guess wondering if I’d survive the Zombie Apocalypse is a way of putting things in perspective. Though I might cringe at the thought of eating a dog, I know it’s strictly a culture-based prohibition. Still, if you saw my dog’s face… I wonder if that’s the reason you don’t see too many people with pets in the apocalypse. Well, I think I’m going to have to stick with drawing and telling stories and hope all of you follow me on the journey. Some of my blog characters, like the Blerbs, from my first post, end up as merchandise. Do you think I need some Zombie gear for the store? If you check it out what’s there you can decide for yourself and let me know.


And just in case if you thought eating my dog would be an easy decision…