Graphic Novels:

Our books have been ordered from all around the world, but locally you can find them here:


London, Ontario: L.A. Mood, Heroes!

Toronto, Ontario: The Silver Snail, The Beguiling, Little Island Comics, and The Hairy Tarantula!

Kitchener, Ontario: Lookin’ For Heroes!

Ottawa, Ontario: The Comic Shoppe 2


Or you can purchase our books through

Just CLICK on the Covers to order!

The Sorcerer’s Children: The Weary Curse, Volume 1!

The Sorcerer’s Children: A Conspiracy of Shadows, Volume 2!

The Sorcerer’s Children: A Spell for Tears, Volume 3!

The Sorcerer’s Children: A Colouring Book for Adults!


The Adventures of Astrodog: Volume 1!     

The Adventures of Astrodog:  Volume 2!

“The Adventures of Astrodog” (DriveThru Comics; all of the adventures are available!)


The Ruby Warrior: Pawn of Tenson, Volume 1!


We have t-shirts available that you can order directly from not one but TWO online clothing stores!

For US & CANADIAN customers, we use and you can find our t-shirts there! Just click on the specific t-shirt image below you want to look at!

“Astrodog meets Trent Severn!” “Astrodog showdown with Starbright!” “Jack O’The Green!” “Graidon on the Tower!”


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