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Graphic Novels:

Our books have been ordered from all around the world, but more locally you can find our books here:

London, Ontario: The Comic Book Collector, L.A. Mood, Heroes, and B.A. Comics!
Toronto, Ontario: The Silver Snail, The Beguiling, Little Island Comics, and The Hairy Tarantula!
Kitchener, Ontario: Lookin’ For Heroes!

Or you can purchase our books from us is through

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The Sorcerer’s Children: The Weary Curse, Volume 1!

 The Sorcerer’s Children: A Conspiracy of Shadows, Volume 2!

 The Sorcerer’s Children: A Spell for Tears, Volume 3!

 The Sorcerer’s Children: A Colouring Book for Adults!


The Adventures of Astrodog: Volume 1!

 The Adventures of Astrodog:  Volume 2!

 The Ruby Warrior: Pawn of Tenson, Volume 1!


We also offer DIGITAL versions of our titles:

“The Adventures of Astrodog” (DriveThru Comics; all of the adventures are available!)

“The Ruby Warrior: Pawn of Tenson” (Kindle)


We have t-shirts available that you can order directly from not one but TWO online clothing stores!

For USA customers, we use and you can look at our store by clicking any of the t-shirt images below!

 “Astrodog meets Trent Severn!” “Astrodog showdown with Starbright!” “Jack O’The Green!” “Graidon on the Tower!”

For CANADIAN customers, we use and you can find our t-shirts there! Just click on the specific t-shirt image below you want to look at!

“Astrodog meets Trent Severn!” “Astrodog showdown with Starbright!” “Jack O’The Green!” “Graidon on the Tower!”


Original Comic Book Art For Sale:

From the kids graphic novel “The Humpty Dumpty Chronicles,” pencils and inks by Alison Williams!

If you are interested in purchasing a comic book art page, please email us and we’ll talk details! Thanks!


 Page 1: $70.00

 Page 2: $80.00

  Page 3: $80.00

 Page 4: $75.00



 Page 5: $80.00

 Page 6: $75.00

 Page 7: $70.00

 Page 8: $80.00