The Sorcerer’s Children

The Plot, Cast, and Setting …


 Volume 1

 Volume 2

 Volume 3

Pursed by goblin and shadow wolves at the command of the evil sorcerer Graidon, the sisters Brenna and Morwyn run for their lives. When capture seems imminent, the two sisters stumble upon the two warriors Devin and Kedric. Both have their own reasons for being in the forest–neither of which includes saving damsels in distress. But, when they discover Graidon wants the sisters for himself, they can’t turn their backs on them. As Graidon’s army of goblins, assassins, and dark creatures continue their hunt it is with the aid of the mysterious forest sorcerer, Jack O’ The Green, that they must fight with everything they have . . . hoping to reach the safety of home.

Brenna Morwyn


A somewhat shy young woman who possesses insightful wisdom as well as strange, magical powers. There is a strong attraction between Brenna and Devin. 


A spirited young woman with a temper. She is protective of Brenna and resents Devin’s attraction for her. Morwyn displays a talent for the bow and empathy for the earth and animals.


A cynical but intelligent warrior-bard. After the murder of his father at the hands of Shadow Wolves, Devin set off on a quest for vengeance.


Forthright and honorable. He is a skilled warrior, especially with the battleaxe and has recently discovered a potential for a berserker rage within himself. He is Devin’s best friend and conscience.




The third son of Aywyl and Kerys. Sometimes referred to as “The Lord of Nightmares.” Over the centuries Graidon’s power has grown and he has amassed many followers—Goblins, Shadow Wolves, Kindred tribes—as he continues his search for the Tears of Aywyl—two powerful talismans of magic.

 Jack O’the Green

 “The Green Man.” The origins of Jack O’ The Green are shrouded in mystery. He is the protector of the forest, ensuring its resources are not exploited or despoiled. Jack is an imposing figure, powerful and enigmatic.