Wow! It’s great to welcome you as you explore alongside me the sometimes wacky space that hosts the weird ideas/inspiration that make up what I’ll call my mind. SillWill Land is a good name. For a long time I resisted making a blog until recently when I went from


These are doodles done in my Pentalic Traveler’s Journal with the Dot Grid. I had been doodling little stories in my journal, that I’ll be sharing on this blog, of random, silly ideas that occurred to me at odd times. Some of these images I’ve taken further, like the Blerbs, and some not. I hope you might get a chuckle from what you see. I have found that sometimes when an artist is struggling with inspiration taking time to do something unrelated or with no goal/pressure beyond the idea itself can be rather freeing. The pressure to always “produce” can leave artists feeling like manufacturers as opposed to the out-of-the-box thinkers we’re meant to be. (Yeah, there’s a little sarcasm there.) This is where just doodling can be a useful tool for artists as you allow the idea to lead without worrying about it being “good” or “crap”.

So, for this introductory blog post, I’d like to introduce you to some characters that popped into my mind. I call them The Blerbs. Below you’ll witness the story of humanity’s first contact with the tentacled aliens and what goes wrong and what saves our terrestrial bacon.


I hope you had a smile and a laugh. I was weirdly left with a soft spot for the Blerbs (I’ve had a soft spot for dogs for a long, long time). It seems the Blerbs kind of like us, thanks to dogs, and are immersing themselves in human culture. If you’d like to be friends you can pick up some cool t-shirts or stickers or other cool merchandise at our store. Presently there are three designs up and I hope to do more. Let me know how you like them. And if you’re struggling to come up with ideas just try doodling away. You never know who might arrive for a visit.