The Adventures of Astrodog

The Plot, Cast, and Setting …


 48 pg, colour, Graphic Novel

 48 pg, colour, WebComic, Graphic Novel

Eleven year-old Jessica Trouble, along with her younger cousin, Nathan, and her super smart dog, Rocket, set out to solve crimes, uncover mysteries and prevent the devious Space Phantoms from taking over Luna City.  Set on the Moon in the not too far future begins . . . the adventures of Astrodog!

 Jessica Trouble & Rocket

Jessica is a precocious, curious 11 year-old mystery solver. She is naturally suspicious of ‘certain’ people, like Commissioner Kataga, among others. She’s very close to her dog, Rocket, who’s always with her.Rocket is Jessica’s loyal, smart, playful hungry canine companion with a 6th sense for danger and pervading evil. He also narrates their adventures.

Nathan Trouble

He is Jessica’s 9 years-old cousin. He looks up to Jessica and follows her everywhere. He’s the nervous, cautious type. He relies on Jessica for support as well as learning things. 

     Aunt Kathy & Uncle Bob

Kathie & Bob are Jessica’s aunt and uncle. Kathie is also the Mayor of Luna City. She has a very strong personality, is stubborn, and doesn’t back down from threats.Bob is an Astro-Physicist and is the leading expert on the continued function of Luna city. He’s a wry wit, who often has some very snappy and insightfulness things to say.


Jessica’s older brother and an officer in the Astropatrol. Jessica looks up to Dillon and idolizes his ‘heroic’ nature. He is the consummate heroic figure. He respects Jessica and never talks down to her.

 Space Phantom:

the mysterious band of criminals that continually plot to take over Luna City. 

     Luna City

Population: 27 000. Located on the bright side of Earth’s moon. A domed city built between the years A. D. 2041 to 2056. It is self-sustaining, needing nothing from the outside world (Earth), but does have relations with Earth and Mars on a political, economical and commercial level. It is a highly secure city, with the Astropatrol keeping close watch over its citizens.


the Commissioner of Luna City’s Astropatrol. He’s a shrewd, calculated and dower man, who disapproves of Jessica, Rocket and Nathan’s meddling ways. He also has no children—and has little patience for their kind.


Officer Milly: Milly is a topnotch Astropatrol Officer. She speaks with a heavy-English accent. She’s very smart and astute.Officer Horton: Horton is a donut eating, coffee drinking Astropatrol Officer. A good guy and veteran of the force. Both like Rocket and the kids a lot.