The Ruby Warrior

The Plot, Cast, and Setting …


 The Ruby Warrior: Pawn of Tenson!

When CSIS Agent Logan Barrett finds himself framed for corruption and hunted by hired killers, his life couldn’t get much worse. Or so he thought. While evading bullets in the freezing woods of Northern Ontario, Barrett is suddenly and inexplicably swept away to a strange alien world of savage barbarians, horrifying creatures, and otherworldly magic.

But it is the ruthless Overlord, a powerful and enigmatic figure, who commands an army of demons, and his demonic minion, Kilgor, who are determined to kill Barrett no matter what the cost!

With a magical ruby belt permanently grafted to his body, and two reluctant allies–a rogue assassin and a beautiful but deadly barbarian chief–Barrett fights to survive in this hazardous world he finds himself in as he searches for answers . . . Why was he brought to this world? How can he return home? And, most importantly, what lies behind the source of the powerful and uncontrollable magic within the ruby belt?

The Ruby Warrior . . . where a man’s destiny may be more than one thing!


 Logan Barrett 

A CSIS agent framed for corruption suddenly finds himself transported to a savage, alien world populated by monsters, magic, and an evil despot determined to kill him for reasons beyond him.

   Selandra D’tora 

The chief and leader of the Hokun Barbarians, a tribe of nomadic desert women. Selandra is a stubborn, tough, and highly intelligent leader who has no qualms in killing anyone she sees as a threat to the tribe.

   Rav Silverthorn 

An elite killer of the Assassins Guild. He is one of their best with countless kills all over the northern hemisphere of Tenson. But shortly after meeting Logan, he is betrayed by the Guild and turns rogue.

   The Overlord 

Over 7 feet tall, he’s a ruthless, powerful, and intimidating hooded-figure with a mysterious background who is amassing an army. But it’s Logan’s sudden appearance and strange ruby belt that enflames an obsessive drive that demands one thing: kill Logan Barrett.


A demonic servant of the Overlord’s. He is an ape-lizard like beast that stands over 10 feet in height. He’s a savage and unrelenting killing machine from the underworld realm of Katha-Doom.


A world of magic, magnificent and terrifying creatures. The planet is cracked in half along its equator and held together by a ring of magic that encircles the planet. 5 moons orbit Tenson: Chi, Neo, Taun, Deo, and ‘No Name.’