A. Jaye Williams has been a writer for most of his life, having written his first novel while still in high school, and on a typewriter no less. “The Ruby Warrior” was his first major creation and has gone through several drafts over the years. But in 2011 he self-published “The Ruby Warrior: Pawn of Tenson” as an illustrated novel, providing the illustrations himself, through SillWill Studios.

A. Jaye’s latest writing is his YA novel “Soul Travelers: The Goblin Sorceress,” a quasi-musical that mixes modern day world and high fantasy and pushes the ‘fish-out-of-water’ trope to the next level. A fan of Harry Potter, The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, The Shadowhunter Chronicles, and more A. Jaye has finally decided to enter the realm of YA storytelling.

A. Jaye has long had a passion for sci-fi and fantasy. Growing up on Star Trek (the original series being his favourite), reading superhero comic books, admiring genre artists like Boris Vallejo, The Hildebrandt Brothers, John Byrne, George Perez, John Buscema and many more to name just a few, all fueled his imagination and drive to create his own worlds and characters. Joining his sister, Alison Williams, they formed the small press graphic novel company SillWill Press in 1999—later re-branded as SillWill Studios (www.sillwill.com). For the company he wrote the children’s graphic novels “The Adventures of Astrodog, volumes 1 & 2,” edited the fantasy trilogy “The Sorcerer’s Children,” and, as mentioned, wrote and provided illustrations for “The Ruby Warrior: Pawn of Tenson.”

Since graduating from Western University with a B. A. in English, and aside from SillWill Studios, A. Jaye has had work produced in film, as a co-writer on the supernatural horror feature “Kingdom Come” and as an on-set writer for the horror feature “Devil Seed,” both produced by Matchbox Pictures (www.matchboxpictures.ca). He has also had work published in such magazines as MuscleMag International, American Health & Fitness, Parsec, and Realms of Fantasy.

A. Jaye enjoys exploring the world of illustration doing portraits of animals, celebrities, superheroes, and more and has sold numerous drawings at conventions over the years while representing SillWill Studios. Writing and Art are his priority and passions and his next projects are always around the corner, just over the horizon.

Artwork by A. Jaye Williams
Animal Art
Adult Elephant Wildlife

“Elephant,” 8 x 12; graphite

Adult Rhino Wildlife

“Rhino,” 8 x 12; graphite

Adult Owl Flying

“Owl,” 8 x 12; graphite

Cheetah Portrait

“Cheetah,” 8 x 12; graphite

King Cobra Portrait

“Cobra,” 8 x 12; graphite

Smiling Pug Dog

“Bubba, the Pug,” 8 x 12; graphite

Bodybuilding Art
Bicep and arm muscle
Upper body muscular pose

“Arms,” 9 x 12; graphite

“Upper Body,” 9 x 12; graphite

Left side muscle pose

“Side Pose, Left” 9 x 12; graphite

Right side muscle pose

“Side Pose, Right,” 9 x 12; graphite

Fantasy Art
Fairy or Faerie
Wolf and Fairy or Faerie
Tiger and Fairy or Faerie

“The Butterfly Faerie,” 12 x 16; graphite

“The Wolf and the Faerie,” 12 x 16; graphite

“The Tiger Faerie,” 12 x 16; graphite