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SillWill Studios was founded by illustrator Alison Williams when she decided to self-publish her own fantasy-adventure comic book “The Sorcerer’s Children.” Trained in illustration at Sheridan College, Alison worked on a variety of freelance projects before signing on with a small, Toronto-based comic book company to produce the original graphic novel “Magicians’ Village.” This experience gave Alison the knowledge and opportunity to venture out on her own in this crazy business!

Thus in 1998 SillWill Press was born! Since then, Alison has received much acclaim from many of the people–professionals, fans, retailers, and the like–who have seen her work. Including being nominated for the Best New Artist of 1999 by the Friends of Lulu organization. They’ve also transitioned from “Press” to “Studios.”

In addition to the company is her brother and business partner, A. Jaye Williams. A. Jaye is a scriptwriter, comic book writer, author, and freelance writer. He has consulted on features (for Matchbox Pictures, Long Shot Pictures), and TV, written articles for several publications (Realms of Fantasy, MuscleMag International, American Health and Fitness, Parsec Magazine, Sci-Fi Weekly) and continues to develop new projects for SillWill Studios and other companies.

Since the formation of “SillWill Studios,” Alison and A. Jaye have produced several titles, including “The Sorcerer’s Children,” an epic fantasy tale that spans three graphic novels. “The Adventures of Astrodog,” a full-colour sci-fi/mystery graphic novel for kids but enjoyed by all ages. “The Ruby Warrior: Pawn of Tenson,” a pulp fantasy adventure illustrated novel in the vain of Edgar Rice Burroughs and Robert E. Howard. And there is more planned and in the works!

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