Astrodog Webcomic!

The first 4 Chapters of “Astrodog: The Martian Stone of Doom!” are up!!! Hope everyone who has checked it out is enjoying it. Twenty more Chapters to go!!

Astrodog Webcomic: “The Martian Stone of Doom!”

We’ve debuted! And Chapter 2 is up now! Check it out and feel free to let us know what you think! Some guest-stars–as themselves—will appear, too! Lots of fun and excitement is in store for Rocket, Jessica and the whole gang of Luna City!!!

New “Astrodog” Webcomic!

This is it! November 18, 2013! The New “Astrodog” webcomic titled “The Martian Stone of Doom!” goes up! We’ll be posting a new ‘Chapter’ every Monday until the whole 24-chapter story is done! We hope you like it and will tune in each and every Monday to read it! The Space Phantoms are up to their most dastardly, devious, and dangerous plans ever!! But Jessica, Rocket, Nathan, and some surprising guest-stars, are determined to do their best to stop them!

SillWill Studios Newsletter, 2013

About time I posted this! : )

Social Media

Hi everyone! I wanted to let everyone know that we have an official Twitter page now! Our handle is @SillWillStudios. Of course we’re on Facebook, too. It’s under our old company name of SillWill Press. Facebook won’t let us change it to SillWill Studios. Please, follow us and friend us and keep up on what’s new from us and let us know what you’re up to! Thanks.

SillWill Studios Book Trailers

Here is the link to our book trailer, in case you haven’t seen it yet, for our graphic novel and webcomic series “The Adventures of Astrodog.”

We also have book trailers for “The Sorcerer’s Children” ¬†and “The Ruby Warrior.”

Please check them out and pass along to anyone you might know, too. We always appreciate the support! Thanks!

Free Comic Book Day!

Hey! Everyone in London, ON! We hope to see you at “The Comic Book Collector!” We’ll be there doing sketches, signing books, talking about our latest projects! Hope to see old friends and make new ones there!!! See you there!

Newsletter, Fall/Winter 2012/13

Hey everyone: We finally have our latest Newsletter out. Here it is.

Digital Astrodog!!

Hey everyone: If you’d like to not only read but own “The Adventures of Astrodog: Where in the Moon is Astrid O’Dell?” webcomic, you can! It’s available through Cloud 9 Comix! Check it out by clicking on the banner!

SillWill Studios News!

Welcome to SillWill Studios! Hope you will check out our entire site and let us know what you think. You can order any of our books from or, if you are in the London, Ontario, Toronto, or Kitchener region, you can find our books in the comic book shops there.

In Kitchener, Ont,: Lookin’ For Heroes!

In Toronto: Silver Snail, The Hairy Tarantula, Little Island Comics, and The Beguiling!

In London, Ont.: The Comic Book Collector, L.A. Mood Comics & Games, Heroes, and B.A. Comics!

And any U.S. comic book stores should feel free to contact us if they would like to get some of our graphic novels in their stores. I know we can work something out.